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ABOUT JAO Consulting

I started my twenty-five year hospitality career with Disneyland, and worked there for five years to polish my customer service skills.  

I was fortunate to translate those skills to the beginning launch of my management career with P.F. Changs China Bistro.   As part of my four year tenure, I was able to be a part of many openings as they grew from four to forty-one locations.   During that tenure, I was able to see every aspect of opening a new restaurant from construction to opening the front door. Also, managing food & bar procurement, hiring and training staff.


As growth soars with the concepts and being a part of a higher volume concept, I was recruited to the Weber - Stephen product company to be a part of the Weber Grill Restaurant concept.   This was my first of many $12 million in sales restaurant concepts.   The task of streamlining the restaurant as a template for growth was the focus. 


My second of $12 million in sales was Fox Sports Grill in Irvine.   This massive 26,000 sq ft restaurant held 750 in the bar and 250 in dining.   The big challenge at the time was a 130 or 150 cases of Corona to make it throughout the weekend.    This is how my procurement skills started.   

After those two experiences, that lead me back to the Magic Kingdom with the Patina Groups Tortilla Jo's in Downtown Disney.   Another $12 million restaurant with multiple revenue centers along with always having a steady flow of guest vacationing at the park.  

As I was cultivating my experiences, I was looking for a home that was able to showcase my skill set.  After a few GM positions with a few companies I felt my true calling was on a multi level platform.   

This led me to Indigo Joe's Sports Pub,  I started with them as a Franchise Consultant / Project Manager of R&D and Director of Procurement.  I went from being a part of the growth of ten new locations to overseeing a total of twenty - five restaurants nationally. I managed pre-construction projects with the franchisee and general contractors on eight new openings. I managed pre-construction timelines with opening contractors and vendors to maintain a smooth and timely opening. Menu development, created vendor contracts with rebates, created two LTO’s, and assisted with franchisees in controlling food cost. Assisted in training and development of new staff at eight openings.

After the company folded in the beginning of 2010, Sysco courted me to come on board.  I was able to be a part of Sysco for six great years in Corp Accounts.   I was able to oversee various accounts totaling $12 to $20 million annually in sales and assisting them in ordering, menu engineering, food cost, and maintaining order guides. Assisted with new location rollouts and timelines to insure a smooth opening. Worked with vendors and brokers to display the “wow” factor items to help with food cost.  As my tenure came to an end as part of a massive corp downsizing, I know I missed my true passion for procurement.

After being a part of Procurement nationally and Corp Sysco accounts, I had a proof in concept in my head that had the potential of major savings.  This landed me with Luna Grill, I started managing twenty-nine restaurants with $12 million in purchasing and built it up to the $22 million at forty-eight restaurants.  Managed four Opco’s with Sysco, MDA, ONSA’s, SME, and the bid book.  Weekly audits of Sysco on fill rates, credits, drop size, inventory PO’s and pricing.  On pace for 2018 for a saving impact report of $2.6 million with the infrastructure I built out.  I built out the infrastructure and managed Data Central in controlling inventory and controlling food cost. I managed all deviation pricing programs with Corporate Sysco and vendors to maintain consistency with pricing.

In the end of 2018 I incorporated myself to show emerging concepts how to flex buying power to be the most cost effect they can be.   I landed with a group in PA called Highland Hospitality Group.   I was able to build out a MSA, Ecolab, Coke, poultry, and togo packaging programs for them.   For them only have 5 locations I was able to set them up for expansion with cost savings for the future.  

In 2019, I started assisting Flagship Restaurant Group in NE.  I was able to adjust the MSA, rice program, shortening, produce, togo packaging, and small wares.   I had a savings impact of 1.3 million for 2021.   With as sustainable seafood program, working with Monterey Seawatch in making sure that Blue Sushi was adhering to the program with vendors.  

In the spring of 2022, I landed with the infrastructure company of Joseph Trading (YogurtLand & Egg N Bird).  At 3 locations with Egg N Bird, I was able to get a MSA in place that was able to set up franchising growth. Also, EcoLab and Coke in place.   Created a partnership with Vital Farms, Hormel, Lamb, Kings Hawaiian, Franks, Heinz, McCormick, Sabert, Tork and so many more to have double digit % deviatons for Egg N Bird.  

In the Spring of 2023 facilitated a MSA proposal for Yogurtland that will result a $5 million cost savings vs MUG's.   When fully built out will result in a $5 million COG's reduction over the enterprise.

In the Fall of 2023, took on a new project to build an infrastructure that was duck taped together.  

    •    Cost Savings Impact: Successfully achieved a project savings impact of $1,454,000 on a $8,366,000 spend, showcasing strategic financial acumen and cost optimization skills.

    •    Quarterly Growth: Spearheaded initiatives resulting in incremental savings impact growth of $33,000 in Q3 and $31,000 in Q4 of 2023, demonstrating adaptability and continuous improvement.

    •    Master Order Guide Management: Proficiently managed a master order guide comprising contracted items, maintaining compliance and ensuring over 90% accuracy, highlighting meticulous attention to detail and organizational prowess.

- Managed end-to-end procurement operations for the organization, overseeing supplier relationships, vendor selection, and contract negotiations.

- Led negotiations for master service agreements with major suppliers, including Sysco, Ecolab, and Coca-Cola, achieving cost-effective terms and ensuring a reliable supply chain.

- Collaborated with cross-functional teams to align procurement strategies with company objectives, resulting in improved cost control and operational efficiency.

- Conducted regular supplier performance evaluations and implemented corrective actions to ensure adherence to service level agreements.

- Played a key role in negotiating and managing contracts with various food and beverage suppliers, focusing on cost reduction and quality assurance.

- Collaborated with the legal department to ensure that all contractual agreements met compliance standards and protected the company's interests.

- Conducted supplier audits to assess quality, reliability, and adherence to contractual obligations.

- Assisted in the development of procurement strategies that improved inventory management and reduced waste.


Proof in concept completed, I am now on my own specializing in emerging concepts in creating Master Service Agreements with Sysco, EcoLab, and Coke.  

  • Consolidated vendors from a dozen to three to maintain a drop size incentive.  

  • Vendor Negotiation

  • Supplier Relationship Management

  • Cost Reduction

  • Market Analysis

  • Procurement Strategy

  • Costed out menus to maximize cost efficient menu items. 

  • Instilled a rebate program with Coke and Ecolab.  

  • Streamlined order guides to create a consistent order guide along seven concepts.  

  • Menu engineering to maximize food cost for plates.  

  • Worked with Corp Sysco and ProAct to install produce programs.  

  • Managing multi concepts with a spend of $40 million.  

  • Assisting in managing bid books, restricted list, and rebate programs.  

  • Actively involved with Produce Marketing Associates.

  • I am proficient POS; Aloha, Micros, PosiTouch, Brink, and Toast along with inventory systems; Data Central, Market Man and Compeat.  


Joseph A. Orellana


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