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Commitments Animal Care Summit 2021

I had the luxury to attend todays virtual summit on Animal Care for chickens. Hearing Dr. Bruce Stewart - Brown discussing the hatchery process on farms with the focus of better health care of the chickens is very insightful. In this role, he is responsible for Technical support (nutritional, veterinary, laboratory, live operations continuous improvement, welfare programs, and compliance) as well as technical innovation (take innovative technologies from good ideas to real change within Perdue Foods everyday business.).

Each chicken has a tracker (like a Fitbit) to track how many steps each chicken takes each day on the range. Even the chicken has a digital footprint as it moves about. We have more in common with chicken as big brother tracks them like Apple.

Here is the success of the 9 initiatives for 2020/2021. As you can see the focus was a better living environment for the hatchery or the farm.

The initiatives and goals for 2022.

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