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Holiday Produce Report

Market Alerts

Tropical Storm Eta Update: – Eta is the first tropical cyclone to make landfall in the United Stated in the month of November in over 20 years.While the extent of crop damage in Florida is unknown at this point, our grower partners are shifting to West coast and Mexico-grown product to fill any gaps.

Tomato supplies in particular are expected to remain tight through the month of November. Once farmers are able to get back into fields and assess crops, additional information will be available.

Icerberg/Romaine/Romaine Hearts/Leaf Lettuces – The market is in a demand exceeds supply situation and pricing is high. Light weight product will

be seen this week as we transition into theYuma,AZ growing region.

Tomatoes – Rounds, and cherry tomato pricing is escalated due toTropical Storm Eta causing harvest to stop for the week.There is ample grape tomato inventory available with steady pricing. Overall, pricing is expected to trend higher for the next few weeks due toTropical Storm Eta.

Broccoli/Cauliflower – Market is higher and supplies are lower due to quality defects being seen.

Strawberries – Supplies are tight due to cooler weather and lower yields in the growing region.

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